Review: Sandy’s Savvy Chic Resale Boutique

A few days ago, my friend Angela and I decided to check out Sandy’s Savvy Chic Resale Boutique on 13th Street, hereafter referred to as Sandy’s because the idea of calling it Sandy’s Savvy Chic Resale Boutique upon every reference would break my delicate little fingers, and shortening it to SSCR would make it sound like a disease.

Angela is not about the thrift store life, and that’s okay. We bond over other things, like a mutual love of the Addams family and a sense of humor so twisted and difficult to follow, it makes most of our other friends a little uncomfortable. Even with these commonalities, I really didn’t want to disappoint her as we looked for our Halloween costumes, so I skipped the Goodwills and suggested we try a consignment store.


-This place is absolutely lovely.  Right down to the floors.  Basically, the retail equivalent of that clean, well-lighted place Hemingway was talking about.

Yes, I only paid attention in Comp 2 so that I could make poorly thought out -literary references in blog posts. Don’t we all?

Dressing rooms so classy, I didn’t feel like I had any right to be there.  And in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

-Sandy’s has an actual vintage section.  This could double as a con, as real vintage is a cruel reminder that the sort of modern vintage stuff you see on Modcloth is a very idealistic view of what actual vintage looked like.  (Very. Idealistic.)  But, if real vintage is your thing, they’ve got it, and its infinitely cheaper than Modcloth.

-They actually have better clearance deals than the last Goodwill I went to!  Sandy’s has a neatly cordoned-off 50% section in the clothing and shoe sections.


I did not buy them. I hope they go to a good home. $10 or so, I think.

-Remember those Barbies your grandma had in a glass case in the living room?  Now, you can start a collection of your own.

The time has come to take up the mantles of the matriarchs before us, ladies. Let us rise to the occasion.

-For about $10 apiece, Angela and I were able to use our Sandy’s finds to be Morticia and Wednesday Addams for Halloween.

I’m using every excuse to post this everywhere.

-Since it’s consignment, everything was in fantastic condition.  The soles of the shoes weren’t worn, nothing was stained, and there was very little visible wear and tear on the stuff we looked at.


-As Sandy’s is a consignment store, it is a little more expensive than your average thrift store.  I don’t think I saw anything under $6.  They do have a small designer section (not a con, but here you go) with prices easily upward of $200.

Sweet, sweet expensive sequined fashion. $300, please.


-Everything in the furniture/decor clearance section was beige.

It was a little unnerving, honestly.

-Visible reminders that we still live in Gainesville

If you’re very still, you can hear it whisper, “I said it’s great/to be/a Flor-ida Gator…”

-Angela and I were mystified for a little bit as a voice on the intercom announced numbers at intervals.  Turns out, it’s how they notify sellers that they’re done with the appraisal process.

Overall Rating: 5/5 D&G wallets.  This place is beautiful, clean, and full of moderately priced, high quality stuff.  Definitely worth a trip.

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